Vernissage Palazzo Mora – Biennale Venise 2015


My work originated from the desire to retain a memory, or rather an imprint, of a particular tree, a tree that had to be cut down, a tree in which I had spent a great part of my childhood.
Thus I started drawing, not to represent the tree itself, but in order to materialize the way I felt inside that tree. The tree had swallowed me in its swarming little world, and I felt at home. It was a place of moments, I was entirely immerged in it, whilst fully aware that I was somehow sitting on the past, and surrounded by the future.
I had to find a way to express this feeling using an accumulation of shapes – no quick color spots, but rather the creation of airy entanglements.
Progressively, as I was growing up, maybe I took some distance and started perceiving trees as a whole, I saw in them those dancers who can work tirelessly on the detail of a single move, until they reach exactly their intention, until their move is so perfect that it naturally becomes the sketch of a new world.
A tree is an allegory of the world and of the feeling of awareness.
This theme is so rich, I would need a whole life to discover its potential.
It is a source of freedom within the frame of an abundant structure, this has filled me with some sort of vegetal enthusiasm.
However you may choose to cut or divide it, it always contains the possibility of a work of art.
I will have fully met my ambition if the viewer understands it as a way to explore his own inner self, whichever part of it he chooses according to his wish, his desire, his mood, his aspirations, his dreams…
Thus this subject has no limit.